Monitoring Well Products

DEPS has specialist expertise in manufacturing threaded bore casings and vertically-slotted drainage pipe at its Victorian facility, and many of its products are custom-made.

We can process PVC pipe of any size for threading, slotting or perforation and the company are experts in handling large diameter PVC pipe products.

DEPS machine most of its own casing and screen products on-site using its sophisticated computer lathes to ensure precision and product consistency.

We have the capability to machine threading for PVC pipe with a diameter ranging from 15mm up to 500mm.

We can produce different types of threading for PVC pipe products including flush, collared, tapered, trapezoidal, specially designed taper lock thread, and taper join and snap lock joints for some PVC pipe products.

We are able to create vertically-slotted and horizontally-slotted pipe for drainage purposes. We can process PVC pipe of any size for its clients who include mining companies and ground water specialists.

The PVC pipe products are also used in the geotechnical and environmental industries and irrigation. We stock a wide range of branded products in its Victoria warehouse facility including Pipemakers, Iplex and Plascorp-made pipes.

DEPS Aust Pty Ltd has a large range of monitoring well products suitable for the installation of piezometers including a variety of screen sizes (and slotting arrangements), casing, bottom/top caps and covers for head works.

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