Where has the year gone?

Where has the year gone ?

I can easily remember having my last mouthful of Christmas pudding and
wow I have been put into a time capsule and it’s now a new financial year. 

I wish everyone a successful year and wish for you and your company to grow. 

I was having a planning meeting many years ago with my old Accountant, he stated
to me that you have two choices, (let’s say you have $20K profit).

  1. To buy a car or equipment  so  you have  no profit, therefore you pay no tax, – I know this 
    makes  some people very happy because people hate paying the government money; 
  2. Keep the profit and pay the tax,  let’s say approx $7k.  This leaves you with $14k to do what
    you like with when you like.

It’s your choice no money in the bank and pay no tax.


Pay tax and you have some money.  It’s that simple he said.

What did I do?

I did a 50/50, purchased a older car and paid some tax so I had some left in the bank.

To help you start profitable this financial year I have made a list of Pipe items that have
been on my shelf too long.

So I thought, why not pass you on these savings to you allowing you to make more profit.

It may not be your company but I know that it’s a lot better to be working for a very profitable
company, so help yours out and see if any of these items you can use.

Look for these specials or go to our website and under the product tabs you will see Specials.

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