How much water can I get through my screen

One question I get asked reguarly is this.

“How much water can I get through my screen”?

This can be calculated, so I designed a online calculator on the web site that can easily help you
get the answer you need plus  there are charts where the calculation has been done for you.

The link to the calculator is

The Data sheet

Let me explain the difference between flow and velocity.

Flow is the amount of water coming through the pipe, the larger the pipe the more flow you can have.
can be expressed as “litres per second”

Velocity is the speed of the water flowing through the pipe.
Meters per second.

An Example is, if you are standing in front of a large pipe and the water is flowing out slowly, you could stand in front of this, and get knocked down possible, but if it flows at a great velocity
it would knock you down quickly and no chance of getting up.

A fire truck water hose has a lower flow but massively high velocity, this is why you will often see 2
fireman holding the hose, as it would fling one person.

If your slotting pattern or pipe size is not on the data sheet then please use the calculator.

In part 2 on this topic, which will be sent next week, we will look at the factors needed,
when designing the screen for your bore.


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