Why Do we do Something?

Why do we do something ?

Like, why do we play sport ?

Why do we get married ?

Why do we by that type of car ?

Why do we take up that hobby ?


Why do we deal with that company or supplier ?
Simon Sinek has spent his lifetime looking at these questions and has
come up with the answer and part of this answer is the Golden Circle.

In this circle there are three smaller circles the outside being “What” the
middle circle “How” and the main inner circle you would know as the
Bulls eye is “Why”
Let me explain…

Say we join a wood working club, “What” does the club do?
It supplies machines, tools and education for its members, plus it supplies
wooden toys to under privileged kids.
“How” does it do this ? – By paying a membership and receiving donations.
The club has premises where members come together and use the machines and
wood supplied to manufacture the toys for the kids.
And those who are not expertise in a certain area will receive help from a member
who is.

This is a great cause !
Now the million dollar question and for those who already do something similar and
help charities “Why” do you do this?
Or another question, “Why do you deal with Deps” ?

There are other suppliers out there so why ring us when you need Drilling supplies,
casing, screens or slotted pipe?
I would like you to think about this for a while and I will put some ideas to you next week or
better yet send me some thoughts.

To victor@deps.com.au

If you would like to know more about Simon Sinek then go to this website.
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