We Take Responsibility

I hope you had a great Easter spending time with your family and friends.
I certainly did, especially spending time with the grandkids.

We were all riding push bikes, motor bikes, horse riding , going for
walks with the dog and a lot more.

On another note; yesterday I overheard someone saying they got
bashed by someone.

Unfortunately they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The next
word was “ They should sue someone for allowing this to happen.”

What is it that many people think that it’s someone’s fault when things
go wrong?  The person who did the damage should pay, not the system or

We have to take responsibility for our own actions, home, work or play.

We have tried hard to have the word “responsibility” built into the culture at
DEPS, to show you that we care, have pride and stand up for our responsibilities. 
Not just blame someone when something goes wrong.

In the unlikely event it does go wrong, you can be assured we will do our best to
fix it as quick as possible.

In 2012 we will even try harder in these areas, so we can offer you a better service.

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