Rain Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain go away,  sounds like a kids song , but i know a lot of people are thinking this, saying this, wishing  and some even Praying

For the rain to go away. Record after record have been broken specially in Victoria with regards to the amount of rain we have had

Mt Buffalo had over 500mm of rain unbelievable for Victoria, Queenslanders’ may be but not us southerners. But what we have is what we have.

The good side for Deps with this rain is the extra work we have been doing in the drainage sector, slotting pipe for civil engineers, road construction, airports and mining pits

We built a machine many years ago just so we could handle this type of work and then the work just kept rocking in.

If you are in the water well sector or irrigation etc, is there a product or a area  in the drainage side that you could turn to to pick up extra work and ensure that

Your business has more consistent work, I know we would of been in trouble if it wasn’t for the extra work in this sector.

One idea is to talk to your local councils or you may know a civil engineer in your area.

If we can be of assistance or you have any ideas or questions feel free to contact me

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