PVC Vs Steel Casing

With the advent of the PVC pipes which are fundamentally Poly Vinyl Chloride pipes the use of it in the bore casing in borehole has increased worldwide. The usage of steel has few problems associated with it in which foremost are the weight and flow characteristics. The steel bore casing in comparison to PVC pipes gives less volumetric efficiency. Bore casing pipes needed few troubleshoot things at its best like corrosion resistance and galvanic corrosion which are provided with 100% excellence by the PVC pipes. Steel pipes whenever comes I contact with water and mud after a period of time becomes vulnerable to galvanic corrosion. Some of the other features of the PVC pipes which makes it better for bore casings are that it does not require any external coating for protection which reduces the cost and maintenance but which was needed in case of the steel pipes. The PVC are totally unaffected by the acids and alkali which does attacks the bore casing but in case of the steel it needs further coating to prevent material damage. The steel pipes are not only heavy, but installation problems were pre dominant in this case, but the PVC pipes are much more lighter and far easy to install mostly at bends the effectiveness of the PVC can be easily observed. The steel pipes water transport in bore casing are no doubt safe but in case in the long run acidic corrosion, takes place it  demands complete removal but not in case of the PVC pipes which provides complete safe water transportation. The flow characteristics as per the survey and research it has shown that PVC pipes in bore casings provide 45% better flow (friction less) than the steel pipes used for the same purpose. In the newest advent of the PVC pipes,  the temperature consideration is one of the prime aspects as these PVC works best in a wider range of temperature than the steel pipes. The modern domestic usage of the PVC pipes for the bore casing at bore holes has increased up to 67% worldwide in the new installation. The long run maintenance free work of the PVC pipes than the steel has been the most prominent aspect of the PVC pipes installation in the bore casings of the borehole. In several cases,  the bacterial growth in the steel pipes of the bore casing has been evident which in terms lead to erosion and corrosion of the material, but with PVC pipes this problem does not exist at all as the polymer does not support bacterial growth at all in any place. The three basic things which are kinetic movement, polarization effect and the chemical reaction which may occur in case of steel pipes does not take place in PVC pipes for the bore casings at all. The algae growth does not occur in case of PVC pipes, which enhances its life to three fold than in comparison to steel pipes. Indeed the usage of the PVC has proved to be one of the best alternatives of the steel pipes for the bore casing of the bore hole in terms of price, maintenance, installation and long life of the piping.