PVC Pipe Buyers Beware – Is your pipe AS1477 Approved ?

The pipe you used on your last project, Do you know where it was made?

If you get a call tomorrow that the pipe has just broken under ground and your client is yelling down the phone

“fix it fix it”. Who will you be calling if the pipe was the failing component?


I would like to share with you 3 important tips that will help ensure complete success with the added bonus of

backup service by Deps should you need it.

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Is your PVC Pipe meeting AS1477

Hi its Brooke from Deps here.

Today I would like to share with you 3 important things that could make or break your up coming project and as we all know delays in pipe manufacturing, delays in delivery to site can cost tens of thousands of dollars that’s what we want to avoid here.  So my top 3 tips for you before you begin your project Is to investigate, investigate and research were your pipe comes from and how and were it is manufactured.

Here at Deps we pride ourselves on 3 things and this is a question we ask all our customers who are buying pipe from elsewhere, we like them to be informed of what they are purchasing.

Does your pipe meet As1477 standard this is an Australia standard of pipe manufacturing.
Lots of manufacturers in Australian create quality products and quality pipe but over recent years we have found there to be an influx of imported pipe.
This pipe is manufactured overseas, we are unaware of the standards it is manufactured too and we don’t know its capabilities, Australia has very tough underground terrain that we need to be aware of so we need quality pipe going under ground. Australian manufacturers are aware of this and manufacture there pie to meet these standards, they re always continuing to grow there product range and improve on there quality when ever any issues come up, imported pipe has no standards it is not tested when it comes into Australia and you don’t know how it has been manufactured or where it is coming from. And if its coming from Australia your always guaranteed where it has come from.

* How can you tell if your pipe is imported.
There are some key components on every piece of pipe that is put in the ground there should be a stamp on it, with the manufacturer, the standard that it meets and the time and date it was manufactured this wont be on the imported pipe there will be none of this, so times there will be a discolouration in colour, standard PVC pipe is a sharp white, a lot of your imported pipe can be an off white colour, when you purchase pipe your manufacturer should be able to supply you with a certification certificate this certification certificate will be an Australian standard AS1477 and if they cant provide you with this then the pipe is not Australian made

Your client may require a special slot pattern so this is my second tip.

A lot of imported pipe cannot be slotted that’s not to say it all cant be, we have come across some that can be slotted when it gets to Australia, but 9 times out of 10 when you get your pipe from Australia you can slot it you can thread it to what ever pattern you like…….. (to be continued)