My PVC Casing is disappearing, where has it gone?

HDPE is used as an alternative material for PVC bore casing in monitoring wells, it is not usually used as bore casing due to its molecular weight, as it is lighter than water it will float and has been found to pop out of the bore into the air on deeper bores. Its chemical resistance is what makes it interesting and capable of being used in monitoring wells, especially where Hydrocarbons are in the water solution. Hydro carbons will eat PVC very quickly so the monitoring bore will collapse and a new bore drilled making this an expensive operation.

By using HDPE in this situation is the ideal solution being fairly inert to the hydro carbon solutions, the HDPE casing must be grouted or cemented in place so the pipe will not float out of the hole.


1: No extra costs.

2: Longer life less replacement holes.

3: Tougher material cannot break easily.

4: Readily available material.

5: Sizes available to suit your exact requirements’.

6: Light weight yet still strong.

7: Highly Chemical resistant.