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Whatever your pump requirements, at DEPS we have the solution for you.

We stock a large range of:

  • Bore pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Turbine pumps
  • Franklin Pumps
  • Rising Mains
  • Bore testing

Here at DEPS we manufacture a large range of deep well Submersible pumps that have been designed for optimum efficiency and reliability. All the submersible pumps are the mixed flow type with enclosed pumps.

DEPS Pumps are built using the finest quality materials and the best quality workmanship possible.

An optional check valve can be fitted to the pump for deep settings. DEPS manufactures in line check valves that can be fitted in the rising main, between the pump and well head, for very deep settings.

The pump and motor unit is matched to provide at least 10% service factor in the motor.

DEPS fit Franklin Electric submersible motors as standard, with options of canned or wet wound stators.

DEPS specializes in submersible pumps units so you can be sure of obtaining the best product and service for your money.

The DEPS line shaft driven turbine pump is primarily a borehole pump that can be readily applied for pumping from surface supplies such as rivers, dams or streams – in fact wherever water is available.

Made in Australia to suit our tough Aussie conditions these units are over-engineered, with oversize shafting, stronger and sturdier castings and longer and more durable bearings for extra life.The pumps feature straightforward maintenance-free water lubricated line shaft bearings as standard, giving outstanding service and a long vibration free life, using only the liquid pumped as a lubricant.

Periodical adjustment points, such as the stuffing box gland and the impeller wear adjustment nut, are situated above ground level for convenience and ease of access.

The units are available with a variety of drive configurations to suit any location, no matter how isolated.

A comprehensive range of spare parts are available to ensure prompt service, resulting in minimum lost time. Our professional staff are available to provide recommendations and obligation free quotations for the most efficient unit to suit each particular application.

At DEPS we are also able to provide a Bore Scan service.

Bore Scan is a complete mobile service, providing down hole colour inspection of geo-technical and water bores from 100mm to 300mm diameter.

Bore Scan operates from a fully equipped 4 wheel drive that comes complete with a winch capable of placing a camera down to a depth of 300 metres. An adjustable extension arm enables the vehicle to set up 2 metres from the bore allowing bores in hard to reach locations to still be inspected.

The camera features a slim design, with a 54mm maximum outside diameter, is 600mm long with high intensity LED lighting, housed in a stainless steel casing. The dual view cameras provides customers with both a down hole and a detailed 360 degree continuous scan of side walls. Side views allow the operator to examine walls, casings, infiltration, screen, gravel, pack, encrustation’s and deterioration down your bore hole.

Bore Scan’s technology can be used for new construction inspection, period inspections, after service inspection, and, pre-purchase inspection of bore water holes, as well as ground water monitoring and to locate lost tools. All inspections are recorded straight onto DVD inside a fully self contained unit, enabling fast and accurate down hole diagnosis.

Bore Scan is owned and operated by Ian Fry, a professional, with 36 years experience in the Drilling Industry in Victoria.

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