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At DEPS we aim to provide a vast selection of PVC Pipes & components for any job you have to tackle. From Storm Water pipes to recycled and poly pipes there’s a PVC pipe at DEPS to suit almost any job.

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What does PVC mean?

It stands for Plastic Vinyl Chloride; this is a common thermoplastic resin that is extruded into pipe and many other products.

What is MPVC?

MPVC stands for – Modified Plastic Vinyl Chloride

What is UPVC?

UPVC stands for – Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride.

What is the difference between UPVC and MPVC?

MPVC was designed so that the wall thickness could be made smaller thus saving on materials, but still meeting all specifications.

Can I use MPVC in my water Bore?

No – the MPVC pipe is manufactured with a much thinner wall thickness than UPVC so it’s collapse pressure is too low to withstand the ground or grouting pressure. Many Councils and water authorities have banned this pipe from being used in bores.

What sizes does PVC come in?

12mm to 450mm. There are many sizes in between but some sizes are not standard and will only be manufactured for sufficient quantities.

What classes does PVC get manufactured in?

PVC pipe is made in many different wall thicknesses and this is stated as “Class”.
Class 4.5 this is the thinnest, Class 6, Class 9, Class 12 and Class18 are the highest pressure pipes.

My bore has hot water can I still use PVC bore casing?

PVC pipe can handle temperatures up to 60˚C, but at this temperature the pressure it can handle deteriorates. The standard rating is 20˚C.

Can I use HDPE as bore casing as it is cheaper?

The main reason for not using poly pipe as bore casing is the density of the pipe is lighter than water, so therefore it floats. It is very rarely used as Bore casing, PVC is a better choice where possible.

What is the life of PVC?

In the right conditions 100 years can be expected, but if in the direct sunlight then it will deteriorate much quicker.

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