Borecasing and Borescreens

Why use DEPS for your Bore casing & Screens?

  1.  100% guaranteed for 5 years
  2.  Only virgin UPVC pipe is used
  3.  All pipes meet AS1477
  4.  Non Tainting PVC pipe
  5. Washed and bagged so it is contaminant free
  6.  Can be manufactured to your specific needs
  7.  Our guarantee- If your order is not completed in the time agreed then we will pay you $200.00 per day until it is!

Have a question? Call us on 1300 133 000 and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you. Or you might find the answer below:

How long will PVC last?

PVC has a life of over 20 years however in manufacturer tests they believe it has a life of around 100 years.

Will the sun affect the PVC?
In short, yes, PVC will break down and go brittle when in direct sunlight.

What are standard PVC sizes?

By clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button on any item you can view the various sizes available. Don’t worry, by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button you are not committed to buying anything unless you want to!

What slot sizes can you machine?

0.2mm to 8mm (See ‘Manufacturing Capabilities’ under the ‘About Us’ tab for more information)

Do you only machine slots in a horizontal direction?

No, we can machine slots in both horizontal and vertical and we can also drill holes (See ‘Manufacturing Capabilities’ under the ‘About Us’ tab for more information)


Casing Threaded M/F
Casing SWJ
Screen Threaded M/F
Screen SWJ
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