But I Noticed Something Interesting

Recently I had a someone come to paint my house. His work looks great.

He was very neat and  had a very steady hand so all the
corners looked great.
But I noticed something interesting.  He did NO preparation work.

I remember when my mum did the painting, she cleaned the surface to
be painted and then removed any loose flakes and sanded.

Next came the primer, undercoat and then a couple of top coats.
The main difference is that my mum was preparing the foundation for a
successful and lasting job.
This applies to you and me in life. Unless we prepare a strong
foundation such as education etc. we may not have a strong future.
The leaning tower of Piza clearly did not have a strong foundation.
Here at Deps I started building a strong foundation  immediately as
I knew we needed to grow and be strong.

This was done by having strong ideals and ensuring everything that
was done was heading towards our goals of making a stronger business,
so we could survive and look after our clients well into the future.
Are your foundations strong?

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