What is the greatest depth ever drilled for PVC Pipe

I was asked by a consultant yesterday how far could the put 250mm pvc , typical engineers, what tensile strength, has it been done before, collapse pressure and the std one

Does it meet As1477?

Does it?

The answer is no to the AS1477 question,  as soon as we cut, slot, thread or change the pipe in any form then it cannot meet As1477 standard.

As a qualified driller with many years of experience under your belt, you know what works and what doesn’t. You don’t need a bunch of technical information that can be hard to understand.

You may know that I am not a driller, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to understand some of the techniques you use, but with many years under my belt I now have a fair idea of many of the techniques.

But what intrequies me is what depth have you drilled to and installed Upvc casing too?

What is the greatest depth?

 To find this I am going to offer you a bribe, for the person who has installed Upvc casing to the greatest depth will receive a prize, this will have a minimum value of $200 and will include a slab of beer and a trophy to put up on your  desk or mantle.

For the driller who has drilled to the greatest depth using threaded casing then they will also when a great prise of equal value.

 So lets get those depths in so you can claim the prise      and be recognized as the biggest Borer in the world.

Email me at victor@deps.com.au

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