“Gees, I bet the Jockey was a bit….”

Here we are glorifying a horse that has won 22 races in a row and
to make it even better she won at Royal Ascot.  

The world watched the race with excitement but I reckon Luke Nolan
the jock.ey was just a bit .. in last 50 metres, don’t you.

Did you know the owners paid $220k for her.

One of the 8 partners owns 50% and the others share the other 50%.

One owner only  paid $28k to have her share.
This ad.venture came about as a group of friends were having a
holi-day on a house boat, sitting around the table and after a couple of
drinks the subject came up that it would be fun to buy a race horse together.

“It wouldn’t cost much and who knows; we could make some money.”
The decision was made and a max of $110k was to be spent on a horse.

The Partner who went to the sales, liked the horse but at Auction it went
higher than they wanted to pay, so he forked out the extra and everyone else
paid what they had agreed to spend.

Now the rest is history.
How do I know that…


I have been friends with two of the partners for most of my life.
I can tell you they are all very excited about this and especially
meeting the Queen.
They say “This has changed our life’s and given us an experience
that we never thought possible.” they told me.

Amazing as all they wanted was a bit of fun.
This really shows what can happen when you step out of your
standard life and have a go at living one of your dreams.

Not everyone will meet the Queen, but it’s not about everyone.
I have a little bit in common with Black Caviar.

Next year will be our 20th year in a row of being in business.

Yes DEPS will be 20 years old.

We hope you will be part of our celebrations

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes

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