Is it about Desire

Imagine waking up and knowing that you are getting paid to do what you
love and totally committed to, Wow ! 

Technically that is what the Olympic ath.lete’s do. The majority are on a
scholarship, or being paid.

Ian Thorpe on his comeback stated, “I forgot how hard it was to get up every
morning at 5.00 and train.”

This time round he was not as dedicated or as hungry for success as he once was.

It is about desire. 

As Deps is coming up to 20 years in your industry, I look back and remember
working long into the night to get a job out in time or building a new machine.

These days I see myself as a bit of a entrepreneur.

They say that this type of person gives up the right to work 8 hours so they can
work 12 hrs a day.

Deps is not open 12 hrs, but if your Job needs that to happen and can support the
overtime then we would be able to arrange this as we have done in the past.

If you need any assistance please contact our sales Manager Brooke on 1300 133 000

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