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CL12 Pipe Dimensions of PVC OD



In this guide you will get instant access to all the information you need to know about PVC Pressure Pipes including sizes, dimensions, weight, pressure rating and etc. Every type of PVC Pressure Pipe is listed as per the Australian Standard AS1477.

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DEPS PTY LTD has a Complete Data Sheet available. On the Complete Data Sheet you will find Inside Diameters (ID) of all the above pipe as well as a Bell OD, Weights, Pack dimensions and Pack Quantities. Class 18 Data is also included on the Complete Data Sheet

For instant access to Deps Complete Data Sheet simply fill in your details on the Right hand side and you will have instant access to it.

  • Internal pipe pressure rating (PN Rating) for each PVC pipe size currently available in Australia.
  • The outside and internal diameter of each type of PVC pipe available
  • The measurement and dimension of the bell and male socket length of each PVC pipe
  • The net weight (kg/m) for each different PVC pipe.

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