Case Study 48 – Trench Drains

Trench drain is an effective as well as popular solution for evacuation of surface water, chemical spills and utility lines. It will function for a long time and generally referred to as channel drain, line drain, slot drain, linear drain or strip drain. Trench drains offer multiple advantages and they are available in wide number of varieties in the market. The best trench drains have economical cost, easy installation and long-lasting performance with little to no maintenance. They are specially designed to provide durability, performance, reliability, and trouble free water evacuation process, where water clogging is maximal.

It is specific drain type, which consist of main channel shaped body utilized in drawing water quickly without clogging and jamming on the land surface. It is made of solid coating or grating cover that has long length and narrow width. The land surface is slightly inclined towards the trench drain so that the process of evacuation of water is quick and without any clogging.

DEPS trench drains

DEPS trench drains

The trench drain is available in multiple sizes that should be bolted together to lay down complete system. The process of installation is rapid, simple and unproblematic. The best thing about the trench drain is that it doesn’t require multiple sloping and since it runs all along the sideways of the ground, there is 100% probability that water will never clog and choke. One thing to keep in mind during installation is to position the drain in trench and make footer, form as well as grade with only one pour. These will definitely saves you money, time and resources. The anchor stand will make installation easy and allows easy grade adjustments.

There are many types of trench drains like cast-in-place, pre-cast concrete, liner systems, former systems, fiberglass, plastic, radius drains, custom drains and stainless steel. They are resistant to rough, coarse and acidic liquids whether it is in residential or commercial areas. The interior surface of the trench drain smoothly drains the water and keep it clean and unsoiled.  Their applications are extensive, widespread, and used particularly for its easy drainage system whether it is for residential purpose or commercial purpose. The diverse types of Trench drains are extremely useful for different purposes. These features make trench drains an excellent choice in managing surface drainage.

Trench drains are used in airport, swimming pool, roads, highways, kennel, industries, manufacturing units,  factories, car dealership units,  residential areas, fire stations, sports complex, stadiums, arenas, docks,  trucks garage, hospitals, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, garages, schools, waste water treatment plants, car wash centers, food processing units, gas stations, kitchens, utility centers, laboratories, veterinary hospitals, landscapes, fountains,  shops, gasoline stations, and many more places. They are usually mistaken as French drains and slot drain that are buried in gravel bed and opens at surface of the ground respectively. Nevertheless, they are best and effective drains for surface drainage system.

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