Case Study 45 – Part 1 – Do you know if your PVC pipe meets AS1477?

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Pvc pipe is used in the drilling industry for many reasons some of which are Borecasing and screens in irrigation and environment bores.

Dewatering bores in the civil sector and the mining sector, They can be used for explosive, monitoring, water and uranium collection.

When pipe is manufactured in Australia by reliable manufactures such as Pipemakers, Vinidex, Tyco and Iplex you can be assured that their pipe is of high quality as they are all committed to a high quality control regime.

The majority of pipe used in the above areas are made to the AS1477, this is also called for in the Minimum standards for drillers and many Council regulations.

This Minimum guideline was written for licensed drillers to follow.

If inspected by a drill Inspector and the bore is found not to meet the Min. Standard then the driller can be made to fix the problem or be prosecuted.

If the manufacture does not meet the AS1477 standards, they too will feel the ramifications and may lose their licence to manufacture pipe approved to AS1477 standard.

When pipe is manufactured to be used in an environmental monitoring project the consultants demand that there is no printing on the pipe as if any of the printing chemicals used leach’s  into the fluid being monitored it will cause the readings of the ground water to be wrong.

All pipes used in monitoring situations are to be non leaching to avoid contamination of the bore being monitored.

50mm cl18 has been the standard pipe used in monitoring wells over the last 17 years, but with the advent of new machines such as the Geoprobe, sizes such as 20 or 32mm Pvc pipe have become regularly used.

As these sizes fit inside the drill rods that are pushed down, so when these rods are extracted the Borecasing and screens are in place. A very quick method of creating monitoring bores.

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