Case Study 43 – Types of Drains

There are many types of Drains in used in the Plumbing, Civil, Mining and other areas, all of the types of drains that are listed below are used for specific types of applications and ground conditions. These two considerations are the main reason for the choice of drainage used.

Over the coming weeks we will describe each type of drain in full and the type of materials that are used in construction for the particular type of drain, we will be looking at:

1: Vertical wick drain

2: trench drain

3: Edge drain

4: Horizontal drain

5: Intra pavement drain

6: Stormwater drains

7: Natural drains

8: Artificial Drains

9: Surface drains

10: Subsurface Drains

11. Mole drains

12: Interceptor drain

13: Ground water pump

Make sure you keep watching our blog each week for more details on these drain types.

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