Case Study 42 – Removing Iron Stains

Case Study 42 – Removing  those  ugly iron stains

Bore water that contains iron bacteria and rusty metal create a ugly stain build up over time.

The only way we have found to remove this is by using X-FE and X-FE Forte, We have had customers who come back regularly to purchase regularly and when the repurchase they have all stated the same comment, it is the only stain removal that works and it’s guarantied.

One of our customers came in very upset he had accidently put the sprinklers on and allowed it to spray onto the clean light brown sand stone bricks on their new home, when the wife came home she found all these ugly stains on the bricks and immediately hit the roof, The husband purchased our iron stain removal and went home to clean the bricks, it was the only product that would do the job satisfactory.

XE will remove stains such as ceramic tiles, porcelain, outdoor furniture, boats and other non porous surfaces.  Plus we guarantee this product.

We cannot find a better product on the market.

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