Case Study 41 – Water Bore Screen Velocity

Case study 41 – Water Bore Screen Velocity

There have been many tests and studies by various people looking at what happens when the water enters the sand screen in a bore.

The Aqua that the screen is placed in may have natural sands or a gravel pack may have to be constructed. The speed at which the water enters a PVC screen or a stainless vee –wire screen is called the Entrance Velocity; this is where many of the studies have looked at to see what happens at different entrance velocities.

What has been found is that for the optimal rate of a sand spear to keep the entrance velocity down and water turbulence to a minimum the so called perfect velocity is 0.03 meters per second.

In some of the studies there is talk about velocities of flows up to 0.07 MPS, but the optimum is 0.03M per second or 0.1 ft per second of flow. Johnson Screens or Weatherford also state in there documentation this rate.

If you need to calculate this velocity then we can help as Deps has designed a calculator to come up with this answer

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