Case Study 38 – Stainless screen to threaded PVC Casing

Stainless steel screens are often a different diameter to the casing, there can be many reasons, some are the S/S screen is telescoped to fit inside the casing, this is so it can be inserted after the casing is installed to its correct depth.  If the stainless screens are to be going into a rock formation then often a smaller hammer is used so it can fit inside the casing installed and then a wedge wire screen can be slid down the PVC bore casing and will fit into the bored hole in the rock.

When the above situation occurs a adaptor has to be manufactured to connect the stainless steel screen to the casing, in the case of a driller client in SA for a mine, Deps manufactured and supplied a  stainless to PVC casing adaptor and the threaded 125cl12 threaded bore casing.

See the picture of how this was achieved, Deps can manufacture these stainless screen adaptors for any size of bore casing threaded or swj PVC pipe that you need.

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