Case Study 37 – Horizontal Drains

We have a call from Drillers World in New South Wales asking if we could slot  100 & 65 class 18 UPVC pipe to a specification that meets  the specification for the RTA,  this calls for  the slotting and supplying of Upvc pipe to meet  RTA D&C R40 specification. The design pattern of slotting the pipe calls for a slot that is 1/3 of the pipes circumference; this is impractical due to the diameter of the blades needed to perform this slotting operation.

What we decided to do so the pipe could be slotted efficiently was to submit a different pattern that would produce the same open area and not make any difference to the performance needed on site. The benefits of changing the slot pattern is the job could be produced more efficiently lowering the costs, we could meet the deadline needed and the pipe had a considerable stronger support weight.

When slotting to the original requirements RTA D&C R40 the pipe has no support strength and will not support itself or pipes being stacked on top, when the screen is packed for shipment and is being lifted by a forklift, it bends like a banana and is likely to crack and break, it is also a lot more difficult to install and extra staff are needed to handle the installation.

The horizontal drains where installed on time to meet the contractors deadline.

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