Bore Screen Names

It’s always hard for everyone when a product has more than one name and that name is also associated to a completely different product.

This is the case with bore screens, this specialized product in its standard formation , is made from UPVC pressure pipe and is slotted with horizontally around the pipe, standard slotting is 0.8mm wide slots with 10mm between the slots and between 3 and 8 rows around the pipe.


Some of the different names and types, that people use, plus the different spelling are


Bore Screen

PVC slotted Pipe

Slotted pipe


Slotted casing

Standpipe piezometer

Pvc screen

Screened casing

Sand screen

Sand spear

Wedge wire screens

Johnson Screen


Well screens

Filter pack

Monitoring screen

Wire wrapped screen

Wire mesh screens

Perforated or punched screens

Wrapped wire screens

Machine slotted screens

Well points

Lowering spears

Water   Bore screens