Why ABS Pipe?

ABS is often considered as one of the best thermoplastic pipes used in the chemical, mining, civil and water industries.

ABS pipe main attributes are –

1: The high impact strength compared to PVC pipe

2: Corrosion resistance

3: Size range

ABS which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene has a huge impact strength compared to PVC, you can hit ABS with a sledge hammer and it will not shatter, you can drop it and it will not smash.

ABS is mainly used in the chemical field as it is highly resistant to many chemicals, if there is hydro carbon’s in the ground then ABS would be a better choice than PVC as PVC breaks down when coming in contact with Hydro Carbons.

Dura-flow state that ABS pipes provide a unique suit of benefits which some are the following

Corrosion/ scale resistant, High Impact strength, 50 year life design, Light weight

No heavy metals, Non toxic, Non Staining, Smooth internal bore diameter, Low maintenance, Resilience to water hammering, UV Resistant and ease of Installation.

Abs is one of the few pipes that can operate at temperatures of minus40 degrees celsius

With the larger range that ABS is manufactured, larger bores of up to 750mm can be installed, PVC is mainly 375mm dia max.

ABS pipe can be joined together in a couple of ways; it can be glued together using standard couplings. Note – Special ABS glue has to be used.

It can be threaded male and female flush threaded, this gives it instant strength, and on many projects in Queensland we have machined a flush taper joint that is glued and then a couple of stainless screws are screwed in to obtain instant strength so the pipe can be lowered  continuously.

ABS can be slotted in the same patterns as PVC pipe, but cannot be slotted in the finer slots as we have to use special blades for ABS pipe.

With the material having a low tensile strength the pulling force on the threads are a lot lower than of PVC, when installing ABS you must ensure that the pipe does not get stuck before the required lowering depth is maintained.

The  reasons why ABS is difficult to use as borecasing is that, with its excellent thermal installation, when the sun shines on the side of the pipe the pipe will bend in the middle until it cannot support itself and then roll over, this then gives you a pipe bent like a banana to install, when your hole is perfectly straight is very difficult to install the casing being bent.

Drillers try to avoid this situation by covering the pipe to keep the sun off, storing it in a shed till needed or installing it when there is no sun, first thing in the morning or at night.

The cost of ABS can be a  lot higher than of PVC. When using the larger sizes the costs are not as great and in many instances there is no choice but to use ABS borecasing and screens as upvc is not manufactured in large sizes often.